Iñigo Montoya Rebranding

Iñigo Montoya
logo, cover artwork, youtube visualisers, social media banners, instagram filter…

In 2021 Iñigo Montoya will be releasing new materials, so we thought it was a good opportunity for a rebrand of the group’s identity.
We started by discarding the “!” at the end of the band’s name as it was often omitted and was confusing for some people.
After a series of thorough exchanges with the band about the different themes they tackled in their new tracks, what stood out was the race towards technological progress at the cost of social progress, the constant inducements to speediness and consumerism or the dichotomy between megalopolis and nature.
In order to approach these (rather heavy) topics with the entertaining and scoffing tone that we had developed for the band, we thought of using emojis as the corner stone of their identity as they act as a simplifying and embellishing filter to reality.
So, we drew a new logotype exploiting the typographic elements to create a customised emoji and a minimalistic version keeping only the I’s dots and the tilde for the social networks avatars.
For the other promo materials we used combinations of emojis and pictures, or simply used the emojis as drawing materials, echoing pixel art.