Contes Élastiques

Iñigo Montoya / Maad 93
2022 — 2023
live animation, illustration, mapping

Contes Élastiques is a musical tale reinterpreting Ulysse's odyssey over three acts, written by French band Iñigo Montoya. For this first work in progress show, we created a series of animations, played live by us, related to Greek mythology (constellations, cyclops, Minotaur, sirens, etc) projected onto the background of the stage while the musicians perform at the front. To highlight the three acts structure we are working on an evolutive set, the first act striclty uses black and white and straight lines, curves will appear in the second and colour for the final one. The second work in progress show will take place early 2023 and the final show in May 2023 at Théâtre des Bergeries.