Ulysse Élastique, l'Odyssée Fantastique

Iñigo Montoya / Maad 93
2022 — 2023
live animation, illustration, mapping

Ulysse Élastique, l'Odyssée Fantastique is a musical tale reinterpreting Ulysse's odyssey over three acts, written by French band Iñigo Montoya. Its musical structure is evolving throughout the show, the first song including no beat and no letter 'A' for example. Along with Ulysses's discovery of all those missing elements the show gains in complexity and richness. We highlighted this evolution by working with specific graphic constraints for each one of the acts. We start with black white straight lines only animations, and end up on fully coloured scenes.
All the drawings were especially created for this show and animated live while the musicians play the soundtrack.
The show premiered at Théâtre des Bergeries in May 2023.