Boundless • Hangeul museum

National Hangeul Museum 국립한글박물관
video installation

collaboration with Small Studio Semi and Alex Griff

Displayed for the first time at the exhibition 노랫말 - 선율에 삶은 싣다 (Korean pop lyrics, Melodies of life) at the National Hangeul Museum in Seoul, Boundless is an installation combining video projection and LEDs. The video projection part allows for more detailed animations while the LED bars (and their positioning within a given space) expand the room into an immersive experience.
In this specific context, Boundless displays excerpts from lyrics of selected Korean love songs emphasising the rhythm and mood of each song through colours, layout and lighting patterns on the LEDs. The whole room lighting up feels like an enthralling karaoke-esque installation transporting the visitors through time revisiting iconic pop songs from the 50s until today, revealing their most noteworthy hooks.
In order to make sure this piece fitted with the rest of the exhibition and resonated with the audience visiting the museum we closely collaborated with the museum’s in-house designers regarding the font choices and layout designs.

Displayed at:
National Hangeul Museum in Seoul 15.05.20 > 18.10.20
Busan Museum in Busan 10.11.20 > 10.01.21
National Library of Korea in Sejong 23.03.21 > 30.05.21